No one better for the job than you: A public relations perspective on the 5 best ways to get started self-promoting your book

This is your book, your image, your brand. Any PR professional will tell you from the start, your success in marketing your book will depend on how effectively you tell your story. Any author can appreciate the importance of a great story, one that draws you in and keeps you wanting more. Much like writing a captivating story, telling that story through your marketing initiatives will be the deciding factor in the success of your book.

We can all probably agree (well most of us at least) that promoting your own work does not come easily. Think of it this way, the night before an interview to your dream job you are stuck. I don’t know what I am good at? Well if I don’t know how will my future employer know? Then the panic sets in. The art of mastering an interview comes with the understanding of how to properly self-promote yourself with confidence. Finding that fine balance between the “I’m too modest” stance of overt humbleness and the “I have all the answers” approach of unpleasant arrogance will carry you forward in the professional world. Much like the self-promotion of your book, you need to find that perfect middle ground to be recognized and remembered.

The good news about self-promotion is you are in the driver’s seat. This can be an incredible feeling but one that often comes with a great deal of pressure and nerves. It means you are doing the work and you are responsible for the results. That being said, who is more qualified for the job than you anyway? Realistically no one knows your book and your story better than you. There truly is no one better for the job!

So here it is, your one stop shop for the top 5 quick tricks you need to conquer in order to effectively self-promote your story in an increasingly competitive publishing world.


1.Who would be your biggest fans?

Who are they? How do you reach them? What do you have in common? Go one step further than identifying them and try understanding them and what makes them tick. Much like in public relations, it’s all too easy to recognize who they are but actually understanding what works best for them is a first step too often overlooked. At the end of the day, it’s about them! If it doesn’t work for them, then you can be sure it will not work for you. Once you have grasped this then tailoring your marketing initiatives towards them becomes almost effortless.

2. Make it easy

Let’s face it, if it’s not easy for people, it’s not happening. Our world is moving at an increasingly rapid pace as each day passes. Meaning an increasingly busy population has less time to look for your book and are less likely to stumble upon it. Today’s public needs direction! Your best bet is to promote your book in as many ways as you can. Often using online mediums such as a personal blog, writer’s website, and personal social media, all including a link to your work(s), will bring you the results you are looking for.


3. Use social media but more importantly, use it properly

Social media is an incredibly powerful tool for sharing and promoting content and it is also the most available. Not only to you as a creator of content but to your audience as a means of consuming it. However, if you are going to use it, you must use it properly. There are thousands of studies at your fingertips that tell you how many characters to write, what time of day people will see it, what words will quickly captivate your audience’s attention. Applying these tools will ensure you the upper hand when trying to draw in your fans from around the world. You can show someone your work and gain a new customer with the click of a button from your kitchen and that power should not be underestimated.

4. Using Amazon to your advantage

Get to know Amazon, it will be your friend and ally in both marketing and selling your work. Having a sound understanding of Amazon’s system will increase your chances of discovery. Browse Amazon to find out what works and what doesn’t. Make sure your every move using Amazon is calculated with a specific end goal in mind.


5. Staying branded throughout

Staying branded matters, it allows your audience to easily recognize you. Think of any large brand, likely, they have strongly marketed that brand in everything they do. Your brand is just one way of telling your story, but it will likely be the most captivating way to tell your story.


Following these 5 guidelines is a sure-fire way to strengthen your skills as a self promoting professional. If you can master these key aspects of public relations strategy you will be putting yourself in a strong position moving forward.

But this is not all there is to it.

There are many more strategies and tactics in the public relations field that can be useful to an up and coming writer. So keep on looking and keep on trying new ways to self-promote!



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