Why YouTubers Are Becoming Successful Authors

Most of us are aware of the YouTuber phenomenon, where ordinary people create content on their YouTube channel that ends up gaining thousands, and in some cases, millions of subscribers. While many of these self-made Internet stars have been able to make a living from producing digital content, a great number of them have seen an opportunity to create something more tangible.  YouTube stars have given a boost to the publishing industry by writing their own works, ranging from self-help manuals, novels, cookbooks and auto-biographies. Although YouTube titles might only be a small fraction of books sold worldwide, they are still showing significant sales numbers. These Web-based celebrities have a substantial marketing edge in the publishing realm: a well-established platform for self-promotion and an ardent audience.


YouTubers know their target market

In a world saturated with media, celebrity YouTubers have the advantage of reaching a mass audience on their social media channels. They create content that’s in tune with a variety of different groups. These range from health and fitness junkies to the video gaming community, just to name a few. Their followers usually share similar psychographics and demographics, so when it comes to promoting their books, YouTube stars can benefit greatly from knowing the interests of the audience they are marketing their book to.

They also have the advantage of knowing what kind of content their viewers want to see or learn about. This is mainly based on the interactions they have in the comment section of their videos or on other social networking channels. YouTubers can use the feedback or suggstions they read in their comments to improve their brand and effectively promote their work.

pexels-photo (3).jpg

Fans feel connected

Many YouTubers have developed relatively personal relationships with their fans, which help to make the marketing and promotional aspect of their publishing endeavors successful. Take British YouTuber, Zoe Sugg, a lifestyle blogger who shares daily vlogs and personal content with 11 million subscribers. By answering fans’ questions in Q&A videos and sharing what she does in her day-to-day life, she has attracted millions of curious, or perhaps nosy, viewers who feel they know her on a personal level. There is no doubt that the success of her first novel Girl Online – which became the U.K.’s fastest selling book of 2014 – can be accorded to her large number of fervent followers.


I have personally fallen for a YouTuber’s self-promotional PR tactics. Estée Lalonde is a Canadian beauty and lifestyle blogger based in London, U.K., who recently released her first book Bloom. I have been watching her YouTube content for four years, and am usually eager to watch every new video she posts. Estée has been promoting her book on her channel for the last six months, from a  book cover reveal, to reading some excerpts. After watching her give an overview of her book, I knew I needed to have it. Needless to say, my inner fan-girl fell prey to her successful efforts to promote her book online.

As a social media channel, where users can interact online, YouTube has become the perfect platform for its leading content creators to plug their published works to their key audience.


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