The Magic of Christmas- 5 Ways to Promote Your Christmas Story

Sadly, the holiday season is short. The excitement around Christmas (for some) seems to kick in as soon as the last trick-or-treater has left your front door step. The next morning your neighbour is eagerly hanging their Christmas lights in +15 degree weather and the stores seems to have been taken over by elves overnight. While in that moment it may seem as if the holiday season will go on for eternity, the reality is as soon as the Christmas madness wears off come Christmas morning, most of us find ourselves looking forward to next year’s chaos (or maybe it takes a day or two longer).

Amazingly, there are authors who depend on this season and this season alone for their book sales. When tailoring your story to this holiday, you are most certainly not expecting a spike in sales come July or even January for that matter. If that’s the case, then you’ve automatically limited yourself to 2 months out of 12. That being said, Christmas time is the single most powerful holiday for drawing in consumers to buy your product, so if you done properly, you can certainly look forward to that Christmas bonus all in 2 months work.

While Christmas is known for it’s magic, any public relations professional (or common sense friend) will advise you not to rely on this alone. Instead, use the magic of the most powerful holiday to your advantage while putting in place a strong promotional plan that you can be sure will lead you to your success in sales. This is a step that is too often overlooked but will guide you in taking a planned approach in every step you take. Ensuring each of those steps all have meaning and purpose towards your end goal, sales. To start, simply answering questions like: Why your holiday book? Why not the next holiday book? This will force you to think like a consumer and give you a better perspective of consumer needs and wants before they make a purchase.

So here it is, from one storyteller to another, kick back with that hot cup of cocoa and read through the following top 5 beginner steps to promoting your story this holiday season.


5 beginner steps to promote your Christmas story:

1. Be patient, be determined

After all, the season only comes once a year. While that is certainly the case, Christmas is the most anticipated holiday season each and every year and so could your book as a result! It will mean for a long 2 months of creating a plan and executing your plan through your promotional initiatives. The key here is to be patient while times are slow and be determined when there is extremely high demand. Understanding that your promotion  techniques will need to be unique and the demand will certainly come in waves.


2. Use sales days to your advantage

Black Friday alone draws in millions of consumers eager to get their Christmas list out of the way at the most discounted price. Knowing this, offer some incentive to these manic shoppers to ensure the most pre-Christmas sales as possible. Promote your discount well in advance to draw them in. Using a discount code or discounted percentage they can look forward to will surely be a good start. Remember that there are also thousands of producers doing the same, so reach out to your consumers beforehand to let them know why your book makes for the best holiday gift this season.

3. Rely on higher online traffic during this season

As of December 1st, online traffic sky rockets. Consumers begin to feel the holiday season crunch and begin planning their every move till Christmas. Make sure your book is seen as much as possible during this period. This can be done in a variety of ways such as increasing your advertising presence or working closely with those who have a strong advertising presence. This will be the single most powerful tool in getting your story out there.


4. Collaborate with other holiday authors

No one understands the struggle more than those in the same position as you. They may be your competition, but they are also your allies. Learn from ways in which they successfully promote their stories and work together to ensure shared success.  What’s better than one Christmas story? Two. Aim to target as many people on your consumers Christmas list as possible through this technique. Doing everything you can to be sure your story makes it on the best selling Christmas book table with these other holiday authors will ensure continued success throughout the years.

5. Set yourself apart

It is important to know that book sales for other genres also increase during Christmas time meaning even more competition. This is your story and there is likely no other one just like it therefore, you should work hard to differentiate yourself as an author and your book as a story. What aspects of your story make it unique? Remember what led you to write and share this story in the first place.

So there it is. Your 5 beginner steps to promoting your Christmas story. Enjoy the rest of your cup of hot cocoa and begin thinking of how you can implement these steps in your holiday plan this season. And while it may be chaotic for the most part, enjoy every minute of this short magical season!

To learn more ways to self-promote yourself as an author (outside the Christmas world) read: No One Better for the Job Than You


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